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Standard Sediment / Silt Fence

Standard Sediment / Silt Fence

SILTmasta standard silt fence 850 mm x 100m. Weave Density is 12 x 12, Porosity is (about) 0.22mm. Woven sediment silt stop with a high flow rate and long-lasting lifespan on site. This standard silt fence has woven edges to resist fraying and is UV resistant. The material consists of polypropylene tape yarn, ideal for long term applications.

  • Roll Height: 850mm
  • Roll Length: 100m
  • Weight: approximately 8.4kg per roll
  • Pallet Qty: 40 rolls

Soil erosion, sediment and litter from construction sites can be managed by installing a silt fence. These simple sediment control fences help prevent soil erosion, flow of sediment in and out of worksites, and stop construction litter from being washed onto verges, roads and green spaces outside the construction zone. Silt fences can be used with wooden stakes, tomato stakes, pegs or star pickets as a support. The SILTmasta sedifence measures 860mm high giving good protection to the boundary of your work site.

Sediment and silt escaping from construction operations can be a major source of storm water pollution and can cause significant harm to the environment. Anyone on a building site who does not comply with sediment control regulations can be prosecuted or issued with on-the-spot fines. Companies, builders, subcontractors and individuals can all be fined. Therefore, it's wise to install a sediment fence such as the SILTmasta™ economy silt fence.

This tough, UV resistant woven silt fence measures 860mm high and comes in a 100 metre roll. It is an economical solution, ideal for short term environmental management applications.

  • 100 metre roll
  • 850mm high
  • UV resistant silt stop
  • Made from woven polypropylene tape yarn
  • Woven edges to resist fraying
  • Flow rate 15 L/m/s
  • Green
  • Ideal for short term applications

Additional Information

CODE 30-SF3000
U.O.M Roll
Brand GEOmasta
Material Woven
Width 850 mm
Colour Green
Length 100 m
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