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We supply everything from protective clothing, hand and eyewear to site signage and beyond for the construction and infrastructure industry. If it isn’t listed on our website, just ask one of our friendly team. 

NEW SmartSupply Vending Machines 

Your Future in on-site Safety Supply Management

This state-of-the-art machine is the epitome of efficiency, convenience, and security, delivering unparalleled benefits to any work site. Workers can effortlessly retrieve the supplies they need with a seamless and contactless process. 

  • Personalised access code 
  • Instant invoice generation direct to accounts departments 
  • Unique individual box product system 
  • Weighted box calculation determines purchased items 

The cutting-edge technology allows the machine to automatically generate invoices based on the items taken, ensuring transparent and accurate billing directly to the contractors' accounts departments. 

Not only does this innovative solution streamline operations, but it also promotes indigenous design and cultural representation. 

Say goodbye to outdated and cumbersome supply systems – embrace the future with our Indigenous-designed vending machine!

Excellence sourced globally, quality guaranteed locally

Excellence sourced globally, quality guaranteed locally

Our mob are dedicated to providing quality, value for money and a solution-centric service, anchored around excellent customer relationships and trust. 

With a dedicated product development team working around the clock to source only the very best quality products and materials, our catalogue is always expanding. We have forged long standing key partnerships with the globe’s leading wholesalers and manufacturers. Our motto is “if we don’t have it, we’ll find it, at the best price and quality”. 

Proudly indigenous owned and operated

Proudly Indigenous owned and operated

Our expert team has over 20 years' of experience across all sectors of the construction industry. 

Our team are made up of well regarded and well connected industry leaders who have been end users of the safety supplies industry throughout their careers. Having identified a gap in the market for quality and value, the team combined their expertise to form The Supplies Mob. 

We supply high-quality safety gear at competitive prices, making us the perfect choice for businesses and individuals looking for great deals on top-brand products. 

Profit for purpose

Profit for purpose

We operate as a social investment model, giving back positively to our Indigenous communities by upskilling our workforce through unparalleled training and education. 

We provide a clear path for your organisation to achieve its goals within the communities in which it operates ethically. 


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